Best air fryer 2021 – our top 10 for chips and chicken

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Looking for the best air fryer? We’ve been reviewing top picks from Ninja, Instant, Tower, Cosori, Swan, and Tefal to bring you our complete roundup of the 10 best air fryers. In this guide you’ll find classic air fryers with large capacities for cooking chicken and chips from frozen, as well as multi-level air fryers which replicate a convection oven with different trays for cooking every element of your meal at once. Like the  best slow cookers , air fryers allow you to simply choose your setting, add your ingredients, and press go. However, they’re also incredibly speedy and can cook your air-fried treats in record time. Because they have a fan that circulates hot air around your ingredients from all directions, your food will cook fast, and the in-built fan that releases moisture will make sure that your food is crispier than ever. Every single one of our best air fryers picks has been reviewed by a mem